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Mistress Corinna's Realm

Welcome To My Empire Of Chastity Control!

Well., i think i am quite a normal, self-confident girl, but nethertheless i have the power to control your sexuality:
Belief me, you won't be the first who gives up his sexuality for me.

Your distress, languor and desperation well be more than a appropriate compensation for me ;-)

So lean back and breathe deeply. Imagine the feeling of being unable to touch your cock: At night in your bed and also during daytime - for weeks, months or even years. I have taken possession of your cock and life will never be the same again.

Some of my locked cocks, will you be the next?

My online chastity-training control programm:

I will go along with you all the weeks or months of chastity.I will be your angel and your devil.

To make your life even harder i will send you after each period of chastity a password to a hidden, uncensored gallery of mine.

Your balls will get blue and your cock will go mad in his penis prison, forced down in his restrictive, hard plastic chastity tube......

Be warned! I will public your pics on my site!
And now it's time for a tour of my membership area.

Your Steps To Chastity:

1.) Choose your cage

2.) Use one of those locks

3.) Send me your picture of proof:

click to enlarge

Send me your picture of proof.

Now you are under my control!

... and i will request more pictures of proofs with custom written text, just to accompany your weeks or months of chastity and not to loose my control.

now take the tour, slave!

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